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Introducing SCAFF HAT with Safety Sam! 

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Scaff Hat

Are you having problems with the tops of your scaffold legs poking through your containment? Scaff Hat was designed to solve this issue and to save contractors money!


It works, it's reusable and could also be a rentable scaffold piece for your project. Scaff Hat was designed to work with Cuplock, Pin Lock and Peri Up Scaffolding. It's also designed to work with regular poly, reinforced poly, shrink wrap and various tarps, including canvas. Using Scaff Hat is an efficient, cost effective way to keep your scaffold legs from penetrating the roof of your containment. 



  • Softens sharp scaffold tube edges

  • Bright safety orange color stands out on perimeter fencing/scaffold leg ends

  • Bright color works great around excavation as danger alert

  • Recommended usage on areas where human contact can occur

    • Low scaffold height perimeter fencing

    • Areas where a person could fall on a scaffold leg


  • Stop taping and padding off scaffold leg ends

  • Prevents containment penetrations

  • Creates a nice smooth rounded surface to support all types of poly




Third Coast Shrink Wrap is a unique supply company specializing in material sales that directly support industrial containment, weatherization, preservation and shipping services. We are strategically located in the heart of industry in La Porte, Texas and proudly service the entire Gulf Coast region and beyond. 

Third Coast Shrink Wrap has a wide variety of high quality products in stock to help protect your valuable assets.  Our inventory includes Shrink Wrap, both flame retardant and non flame retardant, Reinforced Poly, Stretch Wrap, Woven Cord and Composite Strapping and accessories, Seaming and Industrial Masking Tapes, Zerust Corrosion Management products,  Shrinkfast 998 Heat Guns and accessories, 6 MIL Poly, 55 Gallon Drum Liners, Tools and more! Check out some of our stock items below, and feel free to contact us if you’re looking for a specific product that you can’t find here. Special order items are available! 


Shrink Wrap Containment


Best Sellers

Flame Retardant (FR) - White

12 MIL 32' x 100' FR

10 MIL 32' x 100' FR

Non Flame Retardant (NFR) - White

12 MIL 48' x 100' NFR 

10 MIL 20' x 100' NFR

 9 MIL 32' x 100' NFR 

 7 MIL 20' x 298' NFR - BLUE

Other sizes available upon request

Our shrink wrap system is used to contain hazardous dust like asbestos, lead, and silica created during abatement and sandblasting operations. It is also great for disaster relief efforts to temporarily weatherize buildings and homes until permanent repairs can be made, or in the transportation industry to wrap products prior to shipping cross country or overseas to protect the asset from dirt, debris, weather, and salt spray. 

PIM - Premium Industrial Masking Tape


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

High Tack

Clean Release

Straight Edge

Contains UVI

3 Widths: 2”, 4”, 6”

180’ Lengths




Thicker than our standard tape

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Higher Tack with Excellent Bond Strength

Clean Release

Pinked Edge - Easy Tear

Contains UVI

3 Widths: 2”, 4”, 6”

180’ Lengths

Our standard tape is excellent for reinforced poly or shrink wrap containments giving you up to 3 inches of coverage on each side of the seam, cutting down on seam failure and rework. 

Try our PIM Tape on your next industrial painting / fireproofing blockouts project.  It's pressure sensitive adhesive is low residue and won't leave you scraping and cleaning after removal.

All sizes sold by the case

 Call us for a free sample! 281-941-4446

Woven Cord and Composite Strapping


A Safer Alternative to Steel Strapping

Stock Items

 Woven Strapping - 2 Per Case

  1-1/4" Oscillated Wound

  1100 ft. per linear roll 

  3900 lbs Tensile Strength

 Composite Strapping - 2 Per Case

  1" composite Strapping

  1476 linear ft per roll

  2314  Linear Strength

  3934 System Strength

 Buckles & Accessories

  1-1/4" Wire Phosphate Buckles - 500/box

  1" Galvanized Buckles - 500/box

  Strap Tensioning Tools: H26, H25

  Heavy Duty Cart Dispenser - For Woven or Composite

  Hand Held Dispenser - For Oscillated Wound

Shrinkfast Model 998 Gun, Heat shrink gun


Your Model 998 Kit Includes

Model 998 UL Approved Heat Tool

25’ Safety Certified Hose Assembly

UL Approved Regulator Assembly

UL Guard Assembly

998 User’s Manual


Plastic Carrying Case

Repair parts available by special order



Stock Items

 20' x 100' Non FR


 20' x 100' FR    Reinforced


DrumLiner-Black 6mil(1).jpg


Stock Items

Clear High Performance Resin

Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance

38" x 63"

3 Mil, 50 bags/box




Have a corrosion problem?

Zerust offers superior protection for your equipment against corrosion and UVI damage, even in the most extreme conditions for up to 3 years. Zerust Vapor corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) molecules work by creating an invisible shield on the metal surface. This shield hinders moisture

and environmental elements from reaching the metal surface. Therefore, the electrochemical corrosion process is prevented.​ Zerust is safe, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-allergenic and non-flammable.​From small machined parts and electrical panels to large industrial mechanical equipment (Exchangers, Generators, Turbines) Zerust offers an easy way to store and protect your valuable metal assets so they are ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed.

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DAVID, Vice President

Great Pricing and always on time delivery. They have a great selection of products to choose from. They have definitely been an excellent vendor to work with.

DANIEL, Project Manager

Definitely recommend! Third Coast Shrink Wrap truly care and take pride in making sure they provide the best customer service! I received my order the same day. Great Prices, dependable, fast turnaround, AMAZING STAFF!

EDDIE, Preservation Engineer

Amazing customer service!! 3rd definitely knows how to take care of their customers. Any time my crew and I are in a bind with materials I know they are always willing to go above and beyond.


Please reach out for pricing and/or product questions. We value your business!

Office: 281-941-4446

Courtney Sandel: 361-229-3644

Greg Sharp: 713-894-3157

Warehouse: By Appointment

424 N 11th St
La Porte, TX 77571

Mailing Address

PO Box 1158
La Porte, TX 77572

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